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Belgrave English School was founded in 1994 to give children the essential English skills they need to communicate and function as part of Japan’s growing international community. The school began as one branch in Nerima and has since expanded its service to include three branches in Hikarigaoka, Naka-meguro, and Meguro. With a staff of teachers from six different countries, Belgrave strives to impress upon its students the importance of thinking in a more global frame of mind. Belgrave International Pre-school formed several years later, out of the success of the English School, modifying the school’s original purpose in order to include teaching of social-behavioral skills and appropriate classroom conduct. While the goals of the English School are specifically directed at language acquisition, the Pre-school focuses on the development of the child as a student and individual. Children are immersed in a safe, positive environment that affords them the ability to develop as an independent leaner. The Belgrave classroom emphasizes the importance of self-responsibility, tolerance, adaptability, teamwork, and the use of effective communication skills.

The Pre-school curriculum is comptised of basic vocabulary and phonics skills on which a rotated on a monthly basis. Topics include themes such as shapes, colors, prepositions, food, and seasonal themes. The curriculum acknowledges different learning styles and exposes each child to a variety of learning techniques including audio, visual, and tactile methods.

As an educational institution, Belgrave International Pre-school is committed to developing the student as a whole to function successfully in kindergarten and within their communities. We opened International Kindergarten at Hikarigaoka in 2008 by request of Preschool children’s parents. Our hope is that with the combined efforts of teachers and parents, our students can grow, flourish, and become successful citizens of our increasingly global society.

Purpose and Goals of Preschool

Belgrave International Pre-school aims to provide a safe,nurturing,and positive environment that teaches basic life skills,facilitates the discovery of self-potential,and celebrates diversity.

  •   To provide a safe and comfortable school environment
  •   To promote and reinforce positive self esteem
  •   To teach acceptance of differences through tolerance and adaptability
  •   To advocate appropriate classroom behavior and interpersonal comunication skills
  •   To encourage teamwork and responsibility for self
  •   To prepare children to enter kindergarten with acquired social skills
  •   To celebrate diversity,active citizenship,and individual potential

The concept of Kindergarten

Your child will develop his/her creative skills, social skills, and learn to be independent on the basis of preschool as we provide an advanced curriculum with excellent teachers.

Kindergarten Education Policy

  Independent Learning

Creating an environment where young minds are empowered to experience the freedom of exploration and the joys of personal accomplishment. Presenting ample opportunities for active roles in classroom duties and leadership.

  Creative Stimulation

Devising a schedule that enhances every child’s natural desire to freely create & experiment with whatever resources are made available. Open up ideas where physical applications are important as well as expanding the imaginations.

  Academic Growth

Employing a routine study that incorporates academic challenges while retaining a level that is appropriate to the growth and progress of each child.

  Personality Development

Having a gentle, but firm understanding on each child’s unique perspective to the world and guiding them on paths that will benefit their future.

  Responsible Life Skills

Maintaining a suitable standard of respect, cooperation, and responsibility that serves as a guideline to values and a healthy sense of decision making.
  • Education base on Montessori Method.
  • The Kidergarten program is designed to aim each students’ developmental needs in the small class setting.
  • Arrival time at school may vary due to some special events.
  • The teaching staff for the Kindergarten are all from English-Speaking countries. Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. As the general rule, the school requires and hires individuals who hold certificates from their home countries.

Life in Preschool


As the children arrive they play with their and teachers and friends in the play-room.



The morning session starts on thefloor in the study-room. We study vocabulary through songs.



Toilet time & Snack time, Childcare assistants do toilet training, and afterward teachers serve biscuit and juice.


Phonics time.



Story time.


Toilet time.


Lunch time.



Arts and crafts time.



Play-Time in the play-room.



Parents pick up their children and teachers are available for questions about the day.

Life in Kindergarten

  9:35 Morning Circle


  9:45 Studying together

Thursday : Morning ・・・ Gym

Afternoon ・・・ Art


Studying English separately



Toilet time / Go to park



Come back to school Lunch


Montessori Activity



Studying English


Parents pick up their children.

Admission Information

  • 1 Intended Ages: from approximately 2 to 4 years old
  • 2 Maximum of 15 students per class(exceptions may apply)
  • 3 Children may enroll one to five days week
  • 4 Parents are responsible for ensuring children have apacked lunch, crayons, and a change of clothes each day
  • 5 Make-up lessons are avaible(speak with staff for details)
  • 6 The monthly fee is due by the end of the previous month
  • 7 For safety and health purposes,trained professionals in early childhood development are on-site

1 day trials and observation

for your child to get used to preschool

First day (free of charge) Observe with your child or your child can participate in trial lesson. Parents may choose any time between 10:00am and 2:00pm

Second day (free of charge) Your child can participate in trial lesson. Parents may choose any time between 10:00am and 2:00pm. Parents remain available nearby, If your child adjusts well to the classroom, patents may leave the premises.

Third and Fourth Day Parents make a decision on enrollment. However,if a decision can’t be made, parents may pay for extra observation days.

Class (age as of April 1)


Age1-Y 8-M-O~3-Y-O
Hours10:00 ~ 14:00
Teacherteacher two Native teachers
two Japanese care teachers
FeeFee Structure
SchoolHikarigaoka School


hours9:30 ~ 14:30
maximum20(There is possibility of change)
teacherNative teacher
feeFee Structure
SchoolHikarigaoka School Only
classK2(red birds)
hours9:30 ~ 14:30
maximum20(There is possibility of change)
teacherNative teacher
feeFee Structure
SchoolHikarigaoka School Only
hours9:30 ~ 14:30
maximum20(There is possibility of change)
teacherNative teacher
feeFee Structure
SchoolHikarigaoka School Only





Children will learn the following things through various games and other activities:

1. Developing relationships with teachers and friends

2. Learning general manners as your child spend time with others

3. Learning basic communication skills in English

4. Learning phonics (a method of teaching reading and spelling based upon the phonetic interpretation of ordinary spelling) through singing

5. Learning the rhythm in English through singing and other activities

6. Learning creative skills through art and craft


Your child will develop his/her creative skills, social skills, and learn to be independent on the basis of preschool as we provide an advanced curriculum with excellent teachers.


Students learn to effectively communicate in an international environment.

2.Reading and writing

Students extend upon phonics learnt in preschool and develop their reading and writing skills to prepare them for school.


Students learn simple addition, subtraction, how to tell the time, and how to count money.


Students develop their understanding of plants and animals in the world around them.

5.Social Studies

Students learn about their local and international communities.

6.Physical Education and Music

A PE Teacher will develop students coordination and fitness through outdoor exercise and games.

7.Art and Craft

Ss discover their creativity through crafts using various materials. They will also develop confidence in their creativity by presenting their crafts to everyone.

Hello!! My Friends


Kazuki Shichiri, Kindergarten K3(bluejays)


Riko Kurihara, Kindergarten K3(bluejays)


Haruki Oguma

A 5year and 5months have enrolled our preschool program when he was 2 and 4months in September of 2005. Since then, he had attended 3years of preschool and learned the phonics skill completely. In April of 2008, he has enrolled our kindergarten program and his conversation skill in English has been improving. We have a video footage of Haruki reading a book called,”THE ENORMOUS POTATO” by AUBREY DAVIS.


Mone Sugimoto , Kindergarten K1(sparrows)

Letters from parents

from Brayan’s Mother (2004.7)

A BIG THANK YOU to you and your group of dedicated teachers and staff,   especially Tracey, Nobuko, Misato, Becky and others who have greatly contributed to Bryan’s rapid development and interest in learning. We are very grateful to you and your staff for your professionalism and constant unreserved personal assistance beyond your scope of responsibility. Belgrave has a team of great teachers and staff under your leadership and we are confident that Belgrave will continue to contribute to the education and development of children in Tokyo. With best wishes.

from an American Father (2005.10)

When you have a dual-cultural child in Japan where one of the parents is from an English speaking country, you want your child to be happy, make friends, learn English and be confident. Our four-year-old daughter has achieved each of these and Belgrave played a large role in this. She comes home from each day’s class full of energy and ready to talk about what she did that day, carrying a creative art work that she made. From this and from meeting the teachers each morning, we sensed each teacher’s sincere interest and professional skill in rasing and educating happy children. As a result, our daughter adapted quickly to the school when she first attended at age two. We are confident that our daughter will be ready for the next step in her education and life in Japan or abroad and wish to thank the teachers and administrators of Belgrave.


Nerima School


1-8 Comfort Nerima Bldg. 2F Nerima, Nerima-ku Tokyo

4 minute walk from Nerima St.

TEL  03-5999-8849  IP   050-7551-0492

Email  nerima@belgrave.jp

Hikarigaoka First School


6-17-20 Belgrave Bldg. Kasugacho, Nerima-ku Tokyo 8 minute walk from Hikarigaoka St. or Nerima-Kasugacho St.

TEL   03-5241-6749 IP   050-7515-6749

Email  hikari@belgrave.jp

Hikarigaoka Second School

6-10-3 Custom Hikarigaoka Bldg. Kasugacho, Nerima-ku Tokyo

8 minute walk from Hikarigaoka St. or Nerima-Kasugacho St.

TEL  03-5241-6749 IP  050-7515-6749

Email  hikari@belgrave.jp


Tell:0120-8849-99 (Toll Free)

Mobile Phone/PHS :03-5999-8849

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